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Diya Mirza Biography
Diya Mirza is Miss Asia Pacific Mumbai, December 3, 12:45 AM IST Diya Mirza is the first Indian to win the Miss Asia Pacific crown.
'Dee' as she is known, charmed judges at the pageant held at Manila with her poise and wit.
Eighteen year old Diya Mirza has catapulted India into the hat-trick league. Indian beauties - Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and now Diya Mirza - have brought unsurpassed laurels to the country by bringing home the much-coveted titles of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia-Pacific respectively.
Incidentally, Diya is the second home-grown beauty of to win an international beauty pageant. Three years ago, another Hyderabadi Diana Hayden walked away with the Miss World crown.
“I am happy, I am confident,” Diya had told her mother Deepa Mirza over telephone just hours before she walked away with the crown.
Diya, a student of 12 standard continues to be focused on her education saying, “Come what may, I will complete my graduation.”
But, being Miss Asia-Pacific and her sight set on newer horizons, she might have to put her academic ambitions on a back-burner – including her dream of becoming a lawyer.

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At 18, a quiet, introverted girl entered the Femina Miss India Contest to have some fun.
She walked away with 3 titles – Miss Beautiful Smile, The Sony Viewers’ Choice Award and Femina Miss India-Asia Pacific. Not that Diya was complaining.
Life has changed in the 10 months since she won the Femina Miss India-Asia Pacific Crown. She has had to make choices over what most 18-year old girls are taken for granted – parents, education and paying bills.
As a career move, the Hyderabad girl shifted to Mumbai, away from home and family. Compromises have been difficult, but necessary.
Like with her education, for one. She opted to do her First Year Bachelor of Arts via correspondence, but as the Miss Asia Pacific competition drew closer, juggling work and studies became close to impossible, specially with her modeling assignments, travelling and training.
Diya says, "I am getting first-hand knowledge about the world and about people from my travels. Of course, when I come back I will resume my formal studies. But I don’t have any regrets right now."
She adds, "My carefree days are over. I have become responsible and busy."
Especially with all the training she has had to undergo. Sabira Merchant worked with her on her diction and etiquette, physical training was with Talwalkars, diet with Anjali Mukherjee, skin care with Dr. Jamuna Pai, hair and make-up with Bharat and Doris Godambe, and clothes from Ritu Kumar and Hemant Trivedi.
Diya is all prepared to hitch her wagon to a star. She is a young woman who is caring, sensitive, beautiful and loving.
She is also independent and armed with a mind of her own. And with everyone’s confidence and encouragement egging on her, Diya has a good chance of bagging a crown India hasn’t won in 25 years.
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